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  ACCT 30273 Audit and Assurance

  ACCT 40030 Senior Honors Research Paper
  ACCT 40253 Financial Reporting III

  ANTH 30333 Mexican American Culture

  ANTH 30783 Anthropological Approaches to Nature and the Sacred

  ANTH 30973 France Today: Citizenship, Identity, and Nationalism

  ANTH 40423 Anthropology of Violence
  ANTH 40433 Globalization and Human Impacts

  ANTH 40523 Mass Media and Culture
  ARED 40803 Essentials of Visual Art
ARGD 40143 Senior Thesis in Visual Communication
ARHI 30113 American Art to 1913
  ARHI 30143 Inka and Their Predecessors: Indian Arts of Ancient

                    South America
  ARHI 30163 Maya Art and Architecture
  ARHI 30183 High & Late Italian Renaissance Art

  ARHI 30213 Drawing as Artistic Invention
  ARHI 30333 Modern Art I: Romantic Classicism to Impressionism
  ARHI 30353 Picasso: “The” Artist of the Twentieth Century
  ARHI 30413 Women and the Visual Arts, 1500-1800
  ARHI 30510 Special Topics in Art History

  ARHI 30613 Modern Architecture
  ARHI 30823 History of Photography
  ARHI 40980 Directed Study: Art History
  ARST 30913 Seminar in Art Criticism and Theory
BIOL 40033 Senior Honors Research
  BIOL 40133 Molecular Biology of Eukaryotes
  BIOL 40143 Genetics Laboratory

  BIOL 40153 Conservation Genetics
BIOL 40273 Genomics
  BIOL 40443 Environmental Biology
  BIOL 40473 Endocrinology
  BIOL 40513 Conservation Genetics
  BIOL 40603 Virology
  BIOL 40803 Biological Research and Writing

  BIOL 50502 Biochemistry Lab
  BIOL 50903 Tropical Biology
  CHDV 40993 Senior Seminar in Child Development
  CHEM 40003 Senior Honors Research Project

  CHEM 40013 Senior Honors Research Paper

  CHEM 40131 Physical Chemistry Laboratory II
  CHEM 40172 Chemical Instrumentation
  CHEM 50502 Biochemistry Lab
  COMM 30253 Communicating Interculturally

  COMM 40103 Communication in Business and the Professions
  COMM 40133 Communication and Character
  COMM 40213 Perspectives on Ethics in Communication

  COMM 40223 Family Communication
  COMM 40233 Communication in Group Leadership

  COSC 40943 Software Engineering

  COSC 40993 Senior Design Project

  COSD 30003 Junior Honors Seminar
  COSD 40003 Senior Honors Research Project
  COSD 40300 Clinical Practicum in Speech Pathology I
  COSD 40340 Clinical Practicum: Teaching DHH Students
  COSD 40350 Clinical Practicum in Teaching DHH Students II
  COSD 50300 Clinical Practicum in Speech Pathology II
  CRJU 30803 Victimology
  CRJU 30903 Law and Society

  CRJU 30923 Organized Crime

  CRJU 30963 Japan: Environment, Technology, and Sustainability

  CRJU 40003 Senior Honors Paper in Criminal Justice

  CRJU 40403 Cyber Crime

  CRJU 40503 White Collar Crime

  DANC 40373 Dance History (was BALT 40173)
  DANC 40383 20th Century Dance (was BALT 40183)

  DANC 50303 Dance Theory

  ECON 30253 History of Economic Thought (was 40233)

  ECON 30423 European Economic History - The Industrial Revolution
  COMM 30253 Communicating Interculturally

  ECON 30443 Asian Economics
  ECON 30483 Financial History (was 50483)

  ECON 40003 Senior Honors Research Paper
  ECON 40013 Senior Seminar in Economics
  ECON 40153 Economics of Financial Markets
  ECON 40413 U.S. Economic History I - The Founding Eras

  ECON 40423 U.S. Economic History II - The Rise of the Modern Era
  ECON 40433 Law and Economics

  EDEC 30213 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving: Writing

  EDEC 41113 Learner-Centered Teaching: Foundations of Education
  EDMS 30013 Professional Roles & Responsibilities
  EDMS 40363 Methods for Teaching Middle School Social Studies

  EDMS 40443 Methods for Teaching Middle School Mathematics
  EDMS 40453 Methods for Teaching Middle School Science
  EDMS 50173 Development of Written Communication

  EDSE 30013 Professional Roles & Responsibilities

  EDSE 40363 Methods for Teaching Secondary Social Studies

  EDSE 40453 Methods for Teaching Secondary Science

  EDSE 50173 Development of Written Communication

  EDSE 50443 Methods for Teaching Secondary Mathematics

  ENGL 30103 Introduction to Literary Theory
  ENGL 30153 Nature Writing in Nature
  ENGL 30203 Urban Rhetorics
  ENGL 30213 Advanced Composition: Writing Genres
  ENGL 30223 Technical Writing and Document Design

  ENGL 30233 Creative Nonfiction Workshop I
  ENGL 30243 Rhetorical Practices in Culture
  ENGL 30253 Rhetorical Traditions

  ENGL 30263 Style

  ENGL 30273 Argument & Persuasion
  ENGL 30283 Cyberliteracy

  ENGL 30343 Fiction Writing Workshop I

  ENGL 30353 Poetry Writing Workshop I

  ENGL 30363 Digital Creative Writing
  ENGL 30373 Drama Writing Workshop I
  ENGL 30413 Studies in Medieval Literature and Culture
  ENGL 30423 Early British Drama

  ENGL 30433 Renaissance Poetry

  ENGL 30443 20th Century Irish Literature
  ENGL 30463 British Literature: The Bloomsbury Group
  ENGL 30503 The Roaring Twenties
  ENGL 30513 American Poetry
  ENGL 30523 Popular Literature
  ENGL 30533 Modern American Jewish Literature

  ENGL 30563 American Drama
  ENGL 30573 Travail and Triumph:

                  A Survey of African-American Literature

  ENGL 30583 Early American Literature

  ENGL 30613 Women’s Lives: Memoir and Fiction
  ENGL 30663 Women’s Rhetorics

  ENGL 30683 Postcolonial Anglophone Literature
  ENGL 30693 U.S. Multi-Ethnic Literature

  ENGL 30713 Mexican American Literature and Culture in the


  ENGL 30793 Multi-ethnic Literature of the World

  ENGL 30823 Topics in Law and Literature

  ENGL 40123 Literary Criticism
  ENGL 40163 Multimedia Authoring: Image & Hypertext

  ENGL 40233 Writing for Publication
  ENGL 40243 Professional Writing
  ENGL 40263 Multimedia Authoring: Animation and Film
  ENGL 40333 Language, Rhetoric, and Culture
  ENGL 40413 Renaissance in England
ENGL 40433 Nineteenth Century Literature

  ENGL 40473 Milton and his Contemporaries

  ENGL 40483 Shakespeare and Marlowe

  ENGL 40493 Shakespeare
ENGL 40523 Emerson and Thoreau

  ENGL 40533 Toni Morrison

  ENGL 40543 Studies in Early American Literature
  ENGL 40553 Studies in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
  ENGL 40573 Mark Twain
  ENGL 40583 Contemporary American Poetry

  ENGL 40593 William Faulkner
  ENGL 40633 Love, Sex, and Power in Renaissance England

  ENGL 40643 British Romanticism

  ENGL 40723 YA Literature in American Culture

  ENGL 40733 Children’s Literature
  ENGR 30903 Issues in Engineering
  ENGR 30454 Electronics 2

  ENGR 30714 Thermal Sciences II
  ENGR 30903 Issues in Engineering Design

  ENSC 30313 Environmental Issues in Costa Rica

  ENSC 30453 Wildlife Research Project

  ENSC 40003 Senior Honors Research Paper

  ENSC 40193 Environmental Stewardship
  ENSC 50793 Environmental Sustainability
FINA 30203 Money and Banking
  FINA 30213 Investments I

  FINA 40030 Senior Honors Research Paper

  FREN 30073 Introduction to Composition
  FREN 30173 France Today: Citizenship, Identity, and Nationalism

  FTDM 30103 Media Analysis
  FTDM 30453 Crime Films and Society (was RTVF)

  FTDM 30573 Broadcast and Cable Programming
FTDM 30593 Television, Culture and Society (was RTVF)
  FTDM 30643 British Cinema and European Culture (was RTVF)
  FTDM 30663 Film in a Global Society (was RTVF)
  FTDM 30813 TV Number Ones
  FTDM 30983 Women in TV and Film (was RTVF)
  FTDM 40503 Media Industry Law and Regulation (was RTVF)

  FTDM 40523 Management for Broadcast, Cable and Film

  GEOG 30513 Geography of the United States

  GEOG 30533 Geography of Western Europe
  GEOG 30723 Cultural Geography

  GEOG 30763 Economic Geography

  GEOL 30163 Evolution and Exploration of the Solar System
  GEOL 30233 The Rock Cycle

  GEOL 40013 Honors Research
  GRMN 30053 German Geography, Culture, and Language
  GRMN 30073 Contemporary German Culture
  GRMN 40023 German Culture and Civilization
  GRMN 40193 Introduction to German Literature
  HIST 30133 The Middle Ages

  HIST 30253 Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe
  HIST 30303 The Age of Great Transformation: Europe 1815-1870
  HIST 30323 Peace or Pause?: Europe 1919-1945
  HIST 30333 A Whole New World? Europe Since 1945

  HIST 30343 From Subjects to Citizens: The French Revolution

  HIST 30413 History of Russia from 1861 to the Present
  HIST 30443 History of China from 1800 to the Present

  HIST 30553 Ireland since 1600
  HIST 30603 History of Women in America
  HIST 30613 History of Working People in America

  HIST 30633 The Second Sex: Women in the History of Europe,

                    1789 to the present

  HIST 30663 War and Society

  HIST 30903 Indigenous Movements in Latin America

  HIST 30703 Modern Egypt: A History
  HIST 30713 Revolutionary Iran: A History

  HIST 30723 Women in the Middle East
  HIST 30923 The United States and Latin America

  HIST 30643 History of Food in America
  HIST 30903 Indigenous Movements in Latin America

  HIST 30993 History of Mexico

  HIST 40613 Revolutionary America, 1763-1789
  HIST 40653 The Progressive Period in American History, 1877-1919

  HIST 40693 American Empire

  HIST 40703 Indians of the United States
  HIST 40813 American West since 1900
  HIST 40823 The American South since 1865
  HIST 40853 American Environmental History
HIST 40863 American Sport History

  HIST 40883 War and Memory in American Culture
  HIST 40893 Gender and War in American History
HIST 41913 Afro-Latin America

  HIST 49903 History Major Seminar
  HLTH 30233 Sport and Exercise Pharmacology
  IDFM 30473 History of Interiors 1
  IDFM 30483 History of Interiors 2

  IDFM 40013 Entrepreneurship in Merchandisin

  IDFM 40203 Appearance and Dress

  IDFM 40433 Interior Design Research

  INSC 40030 Senior Honors Research Paper

  INSC 40343 Supply Chain Strategy

  INSC 40373 Supply Chain Project Course

  INSC 40813 Business Information Systems Consulting

  INSC 40853 Business Intelligence and Analytics

  ITAL 30083 La novella italiana
  ITAL 40103 Boccaccio’s Decameron  
  ITAL 40623 Gender in Italian Cinema
  JAPN 30113 Japanese Culture and Civilization
  JOUR 30003 Junior Honors in Journalism
  JOUR 30204 Reporting

  JOUR 30543 Multimedia Reporting
  JOUR 30803 Writing for Public Relations and Advertising
  JOUR 40403 Strategic Communications Cases and Problems
  JOUR 40453 Business Journalism
  JOUR 40463 Public Affairs Reporting

  JOUR 40483 Reporting and Writing
  JOUR 40493 Opinion Writing

  JOUR 40543 International and Intercultural Communication
  JOUR 40633 Psychology of Advertising
  JOUR 40643 Feature and Magazine Writing
  JOUR 50173 International Reporting

  KINE 30523 Exercise Assessment and Prescription

  KINE 40003 Senior Honors Research
  KINE 40503 Fitness Programming
  KINE 40523 Therapeutic Modalities
  KINE 40533 Therapeutic Exercise
  KINE 40623 Teaching Physical Education in Secondary Schools

  KINE 40973 Senior Research in Kinesiology
  MANA 30533 Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition
  MANA 40030 Senior Honors Research Paper

  MANA 40203 Strategic Human Resource Management

  MARK 30233 Market Analysis
  MARK 30243 Customer Insights
  MARK 40030 Senior Honors Research Paper

  MARK 40203 Marketing Strategy
 MATH 40000 Undergraduate Research

  MATH 50073 History of Mathematics

  MOLA 30143 French and Italian Traditions in Opera & Literature

  MUSI 30613 History of Music—Baroque & Classic Eras

  MUSI 30623 History of Music: Romantic & Twentieth Century
  MUSI 50493 Music in the United States

  NTDT 30113 Infant & Child Nutrition

  NTDT 30123 Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle
  NTDT 30643 Veganism, Sustainability, and Plant-based Food Studies

  NTDT 40403 Research Methods in Nutrition
  NURS 30633 Member of the Research and
         Evidence Based Practice Community
NURS 39113 Discipline and Practice of Professional Nursing

  NURS 40053 Critical Inquiry into Health Care Delivery

  NURS 40813 Concepts of Community Health Nursing
  PHIL 30353 Political Philosophy
  PHIL 30373 Existential Philosophy

  PHIL 30393 Philosophy of Mind

  PHIL 40203 Seminar in Metaphysics
  PHIL 40223 History of Modern Philosophy

  PHIL 40333 Philosophy of Law and Economics

  PHIL 40353 Seminar on Political Philosophy

  PHYS 30003 Junior Honors Research in Physics or Astronomy
  PHYS 30163 Evolution and Exploration of the Solar System
  PHYS 30493 Physics III Modern Physics

  PHYS 40003 Senior Honors Research in Physics or Astronomy
  POSC 32003 Topics in Political Theory
  POSC 32013 Western Political Thought
  POSC 32023 Distributive Justice
  POSC 32033 Applied Ethics

  POSC 32043 Justice
  POSC 33023 International Organizations Research

  POSC 39003 Topics in Political Science Research Methods

  POSC 39013 Survey Research

  POSC 39023 Game Theory
  POSC 39033 Foreign Policy Analysis

  POSC 39043 Case Study Research

  POSC 39053 Experimental Methods in Political Science

  POSC 40003 Senior Honors in Political Science

  PSYC 30343 Social Psychology

  PSYC 30414 Experimental Psychology: Learning

  PSYC 30523 Experimental Psychology: Cognition

  PSYC 30633 Social and Emotional Development
  PSYC 40003 Senior Honors Research Paper

  PSYC 40423 Tao of Strategy
  PSYC 40433 Developmental Psychology
  PSYC 40533 Experimental Psychology: Social
  RAMA 50803 Marketing of Livestock & Meats

  RAMA 40903 Forage Production & Use
  RELI 30003 Junior Honors Seminar

  RELI 30113 Jesus and the Gospels

  RELI 30123 Paul and the Early Church
  RELI 30153 How to Read the Bible: Story and Politics
  RELI 30183 Revelation & Rhetoric: Biblical Prophets & Prophecy

  RELI 30303 Christian Ethics
  RELI 30323 Christian Tradition I: Emergence to Renaissance

  RELI 30413 Contemporary Catholicism
  RELI 30493 Latinos/as, Religion, Law, and Identity

  RELI 30643 God in Modern Thought

  RELI 30723 Religion and Science

  RELI 30743 Religion, Art, and Visual Culture

  RELI 30783 Religion and Environmental Ethics
  RELI 40130 Issues in Biblical Interpretation

  RELI 40143 Love and Sex in the Biblical World

  RELI 40213 Religion, Art, and Postmodernism

  RELI 40313 The History of Religion in America
  RELI 40603 Senior Seminar in Religion

  SCIE 30103 History of Science and Technology

                    in Western Civilization
  SOCI 30383 Research Methods in Sociology

  SOCI 30573 Corporate and Governmental Deviance
SOCI 30803 Victimology

  SOCI 30833 Sociological Theory

  SOCI 30903 Law and Society

  SOCI 30963 Japan: Environment, Technology, and


  SOCI 40803 Social Inequality

  SOWO 40886 Field Education I
  SOWO 40896 Field Education II

  STCO 43143 Sports Communication

  STCO 47433 Global Communication

  SPAN 31203 Writing in Spanish (was 30503 Composition and


  SPAN 41903 Hispanic Women Writers
  SPAN 43103 Senior Honors Thesis

  THEA 31103 Theatre History I (was 30103)

  THEA 31113 Theatre History II (was 30113)

  THEA 41123 Modern Trends in Theatre (was 40143)

  WRIT 30893 Digital Inclusiveness: Cultiral Identity & Authoring

  WGST 40003 Senior Seminar in Women’s Studies

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