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ANTH 40423 Anthropology of Violence

ANTH 40433 Globalization and Human Impacts

CRJU 30963 Japan: Environment, Technology, and


ENGL 30683 Postcolonial Anglophone Literature

ENGL 30793 Multi-ethnic Literature of the World

FTDM 30663 Film in a Global Society (was RTVF)

HIST 30443 History of China from 1800 to the Present

HIST 30923 The United States and Latin America

HIST 30993 History of Mexico
HIST 40853 American Environmental History

NURS 39113 Discipline and Practice of Professional


NURS 40053 Critical Inquiry into Health Care Delivery

POSC 30323 International Organizations Research

SOCI 30963 Japan: Environment, Technology, and




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