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      ANTH 30333 Mexican American Culture

      ENGL 30153 Nature Writing in Nature
      ENGL 30443 20th Century Irish Literature

      ENGL 30463 The Bloomsbury Group
      ENGL 30503 The Roaring Twenties

      ENGL 30533 Modern American Jewish Literature
      ENGL 30573 African American Literature

      ENGL 30683 Postcolonial Anglophone Literature
ENGL 30713 Mexican American Literature and Culture

                        in the Borderlands

      ENGL 40553 Studies in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

      ENGL 40573 Mark Twain
      ENGL 40583 Contemporary American Poetry

      ENGL 40593 William Faulkner

      ENGL 40643 British Romanticism

      ENGL 40733 Children’s Literature
      GRMN 40193 Introduction to German Literature

      HIST 40653 The Progressive Period in American History


      ITAL 30083 La novella italiana

      ITAL 40103 Boccaccio’s Decameron
      PHIL 30373 Existential Philosophy




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