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    ANTH 30783 Anthropological Approaches to Nature and the Sacred

    DANC 50303 Dance Theory

    ENGL 30413 Studies in Medieval Literature and Culture

    ENGL 30423 Early British Drama
    ENGL 30443 20th Century Irish Literature

    ENGL 30463 British Literature: The Bloomsbury Group
    ENGL 30503 The Roaring Twenties
    ENGL 30533 Modern American Jewish Literature
    ENGL 30563 American Drama

    ENGL 30823 Topics in Law and Literature

    ENGL 40433 19th-century Literature
    ENGL 40553 Studies in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

    ENGL 40593 William Faulkner

    ENGL 40643 British Romanticism

    ENGL 40633 Love, Sex, and Power in Renaissance England
    ENGL 40733 Children’s Literature
   FTDM 30453 Crime Films and Society
    GRMN 30073 Contemporary German Culture
    GRMN 40023 German Culture and Civilization

    HIST 30133 The Middle Ages

    HIST 30613 History of Working People in America

    HIST 40613 Revolutionary America, 1763-1789

    HIST 40813 American West since 1900

    HIST 40853 American Environmental History

    HIST 40863 American Sport History

    ITAL 40103 Boccaccio’s Decameron
    ITAL 40623 Gender in Italian Cinema
    MUSI 30623 History of Music: Romantic & Twentieth Century

    PHIL 30353 Political Philosophy

    PHIL 30393 Philosophy of Mind
    PHIL 40353 Seminar in Political Philosophy

    POSC 32003 Topics in Political Theory

    POSC 32013 Western Political Thought
    POSC 32023 Distributive Justice
    POSC 32033 Applied Ethics

    POSC 32043 Justice

    RELI 30113 Jesus and the Gospels

    RELI 30303 Christian Ethics

    RELI 30723 Religion and Science
    RELI 40130 Issues in Biblical Interpretation

    RELI 40213 Religion, Art & Postmodernism
    SOCI 30833 Sociological Theory


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