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  CRJU 30923 Organized Crime

  DANC 40373 Dance History I

  DANC 40383 Dance History II

  ECON 30423 European Economic History

                    - The Industrial Revolution    

  ECON 30483 Financial History (was 50483)

  ECON 40413 U.S. Economic History I - The Founding Eras

  ECON 40423 U.S. Economic History II - Rise of the Modern Era

  ENGL 30443 20th Century Irish Literature
  GRMN 40023 German Culture and Civilization

  HIST 30303 The Age of Great Transformation: Europe 1815-1870

  HIST 30323 Peace or Pause?: Europe 1919-1945
  HIST 30333 A Whole New World?: Europe Since 1945

  HIST 30343 From Subjects to Citizens: The French Revolution

  HIST 30443 History of China from 1800 to the Present

  HIST 30603 History of Women in America

  HIST 30613 History of Working People in America

  HIST 30663 War and Society

  HIST 30703 Modern Egypt: A History

  HIST 30713 Revolutionary Iran: A History

  HIST 40653 The Progressive Period in American History 1877-1919

  HIST 40703 Indians of the United States

  HIST 40813 American West since 1900

  HIST 40853 American Environmental History

  HIST 40863 American Sport History
  MUSI 30613 History of Music—Baroque & Classic Eras

  RELI 40313 The History of Religion in America

  SCIE 30103 History of Science and Technology

                    in Western Civilization

  THEA 31103 Theatre History I (was 30103)


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