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    ANTH 40433 Globalization and Human Impacts
    CRJU 30903 Law and Society    

    CRJU 30963 Japan: Environment, Technology, and


    EDEC 41113 Learner-Centered Teaching: Foundations of Education
    EDMS 30013 Professional Roles & Responsibilities

    EDSE 30013 Professional Roles & Responsibilities

    ENGL 30203 Urban Rhetorics
    ENGL 30253 Rhetorical Traditions
    ENGL 30273 Argument and Persuasion
    ENGL 40333 Language, Rhetoric, & Culture

    ENGR 30903 Issues in Engineering
    HIST 40613 Revolutionary America, 1763-1789

    NURS 40813 Community Health Nursing Concepts

    PHIL 30373 Existential Philosophy

    POSC 32043 Justice

    PSYC 40423 Tao of Strategy

    RELI 30303 Christian Ethics

    RELI 30493 Latinos/as, Religion, Law, and Identity

    RELI 30783 Religion and Environmental Ethics
    SOCI 30903 Law and Society

    SOCI 30963 Japan: Environment, Technology, and





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