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     ANTH 30333 Mexican American Culture

     ANTH 30973 France Today: Citizenship, Identity, and Natioanlism

     ANTH 40423 Anthropology of Violence

     ANTH 40523 Mass Media and Culture

     ARED 40803 Essentials of Visual Art

     COMM 30253 Communicating Interculturally

     EDMS 50023 Effective Teaching and Classroom Implementation

     EDSE 50023 Effective Teaching and Classroom Implementation

     ENGL 30243 Rhetorical Practices in Culture

     ENGL 30533 Modern American Jewish Literature
     ENGL 30573 African American Literature

     ENGL 30613 Women’s Lives in Memoir and Fiction

     ENGL 30663 Women’s Rhetorics

     ENGL 30693 Multi-Ethnic literature
     ENGL 30713 Mexican American Literature and Culture
                       in the Borderlands

     ENGL 30793 Multi-ethnic Literature of the World

     ENGL 40333 Language, Rhetoric, & Culture

     ENGL 40593 William Faulkner

     ENGL 40723 YA Literature in American Culture

     FREN 30173 France Today: Citizenship, Identity, and Natioanlism

     FTDM 30643 British Cinema and European Culture (was RTVF)
     FTDM 30983 Women in Television and Film (was RTVF)

     GEOG 30723 Cultural Geography

     GRMN 30073 Contemporary German Culture
     HIST 30253 Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe

     HIST 30553 Ireland since 1600

     HIST 30603 History of Women in America

     HIST 30613 History of Working People in America

     HIST 30703 Modern Egypt: A History

     HIST 30723 Women in the Middle East
     HIST 40703 Indians of the United States

     POSC 32003 Topics in Political Theory

     POSC 32013 Western Political Thought
     POSC 32023 Distributive Justice
     POSC 32033 Applied Ethics

     RELI 40313 The History of Religion in America

     SPAN 32303 The Cinema of Spain
     SPAN 32403 The Cinema of Latin America

     THEA 31113 Theatre History II

     THEA 41123 Modern Trends in Theatre (was 40143)

     WRIT 30893 Digital Inclusiveness: Cultural Identity & Authoring



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