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ANTH 20623 Introductory Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 20633 Introduction to Archaeology (was 30613)

ANTH 20643 Language and Culture

ANTH 30313 Food and Culture

ANTH 30373 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 30383 Qualitative Research and Ethnography
ANTH 30613 Introduction to Archaeology (now 20633)

ANTH 30653 Sex, Gender, and Culture
ANTH 30663 Environmental Justice, Human Rights,
                   and Agriculture
ANTH 30703 Archaeology of Mexico and Peru

ANTH 30733 Globalization & Human Impacts:
                Economics, Development, and Social Justice
ANTH 30773 Latin American Popular Culture
ANTH 40523 Mass Media and Culture
ASST 20003 Introduction to Asian Studies

CITE 30023 The Digital Explosion: A Cultural


COMM 30283 Communication Inquiry

CRES 30003 Interdisciplinary Inquiry
CRJU 20413 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJU 20423 Critical Issues in Crime and Justice

ECON 10223 Introductory Microeconomics
ECON 10233 Introductory Macroeconomics
ECON 30423 European Economic History

FTDM 30513 Audience Research (was RTVF)
GEOG 10003 World Regional Geography
GEOG 10023 An Urban World: Introduction to Urban


GEOG 20013 Human Geography

GEOG 30733 Geography of Religion

GEOG 30793 Sports, Geography, & Society

HIST 10603 U.S. History Survey to 1877
HIST 10613 U.S. History Survey from 1877

HIST 30813 Texas Communities Oral History Project
HIST 40873 The Civil Rights Movement in America

NURS 10303 Human Development and Health

                 Promotion Throughout the Life Cycle
NURS 30063 Global Perspectives in Health: London

NURS 30543 Family Health Nursing (Cross-listed as

                 SOWO 30543)
NURS 40053 Critical Inquiry into Health Care Delivery

POSC 10093 Introduction to Political Science
POSC 10133 American and Texas Government
POSC 10433 Freshman Seminar: Politics of Freedom

                  and Order
POSC 20123 Issues in American Politics
POSC 20144 Practicing American and Texas Politics

                 (was Civic Literacy)

POSC 20303 International Politics
POSC 20403 Introduction to Public Law
POSC 20503 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POSC 31003 Topics in American Politics (was 30103)

POSC 31113 Campaigns and Elections
POSC 31123 Public Opinion
POSC 31143 Political Psychology
POSC 31213 Congress
POSC 31223 Presidential Leadership
POSC 31233 Congress & the Presidents
POSC 31313 Parties and Interest Groups
POSC 31323 Media and Politics

POSC 31413 Public Policy
POSC 31423 Health Care Policy
POSC 31433 Aging and Social Policy
POSC 31513 Women and Politics
POSC 31523 The Civil Rights Movement in America

POSC 31613 Texas Politics in Comparative Perspective

POSC 31623 Urban Issues and Policies
POSC 31713 Freedom, Order and Equality
POSC 33003 Topics in International Politics (was 30303)

POSC 33013 United Nations Institutions and Processes
POSC 33023 International Organizations Research

POSC 33033 Conflict and Negotiation
POSC 33103 Feminist IR Theory
POSC 33113 Globalization & Political Economy
POSC 33123 Globalization
POSC 33503 Contemporary US Foreign Policy
POSC 33513 US Foreign Policy Making
POSC 33523 US Foreign Policy in Film
POSC 33603 International Relations of East Asia
POSC 33613 International Relations of Japan

POSC 33623 Chinese Foreign Policy
POSC 33633 Russian Foreign Policy

POSC 33703 Mideast Conflicts
POSC 34003 Topics in Public Law (was 30403)

POSC 34013 Constitutional Law: Powers
POSC 34023 Due Process in the Criminal Courts
POSC 34033 Constitutional Law: Amendment One
POSC 34043 Equality under the Law
POSC 34053 Comparative Judicial Politics
POSC 34063 International Human Rights
POSC 34073 Moot Court
POSC 34083 Constitutional Law: Rights and Liberties
POSC 34093 Judicial Politics

POSC 35003 Topics in Comparative Politics (was 30503)

POSC 35013 Comparative Democratic Systems
POSC 35023 Comparative Social Movements
POSC 35033 Islam and Politics
POSC 35043 Politics of Developing Nations
POSC 35103 Distinction/Honors Capstone
POSC 35503 Politics of the Middle East
POSC 35613 Politics of Japan
POSC 35623 Politics of China
POSC 35633 Contemporary Issues in China
POSC 35643 Entrepreneurship in Modern China

POSC 35703 Western European Politics
POSC 35713 European Union Politics
POSC 35723 Political Life in Hungary

                   and Central Europe
POSC 35803 Latin America: Challenges

                   to Democratic Politics
RELI 30493 Latinos/as, Religion, Law, and Identity

SOCI 20073 American Society in the Post

                   World War Age: Part I
SOCI 20083 American Society in the Post

                   World War Age: Part II
SOCI 20213 Introductory Sociology
SOCI 20223 Social Problems
SOCI 30303 Marriage and the Family

SOWO 10833 Introduction to Social Work
SOWO 30513 Social Work and Civil Rights

SOWO 30543 Family Health Nursing

SOWO 30563 Social Work and the Media

SOWO 30593 Rights and Responsibilities of

                   Citizens in the Global Community

SOWO 30693 Global Perspectives in Health:

                   Seville and Dublin

SOWO 30863 Social Welfare Policy


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