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  BIOL 10003 Contemporary Issues in Biology
  BIOL 10503 Introductory Biology I  AND

  BIOL 10501 Introductory Biology Lab I

  (Both 10503 and 10501 must be completed

              to receive Natural Sciences credit)

  BIOL 20204 Anatomy and Physiology

  BIOL 20234 Basic Microbiology
  BIOL 30613 Natural History
  CHEM 10122 General Chemistry II Laboratory

  CHEM 10123 General Chemistry II

  (Both 10122 and 10123 must be completed

              to receive Natural Sciences credit)

  CHEM 10125 General Chemistry II with Laboratory

  CITE 10003 Applying Technology to Disasters,

              Failures and other Dangerous Things

  ENGR 10033 Engineering Design & Graphics
  ENSC 10143 Principles of Environmental Science
  ENSC 40193 Environmental Stewardship

  GEOG 10013 Physical Geography

  GEOL 10113 Understanding the Earth

  GEOL 30233 The Rock Cycle

  HLTH 30634 Exercise Physiology
  KINE 30634 Exercise Physiology

  NTDT 10003 Cont. Issues in Nutrition
  PHYS 10154 General Physics I with Lab

  PHYS 10164 General Physics II with Lab
  PHYS 10263 Cosmic Origins

  PHYS 10273 Introductory Astronomy: Earth & Planets (was 20073)
  PHYS 10283 Introductory Astronomy: Stars & Galaxies (was 20083)
  PHYS 10293 Archaeoastronomy (was 20093)
  PHYS 10433 Utter Chaos
  PHYS 10503 Energy
  PHYS 20053 Science of Music and Sound
  PHYS 20474 Physics I with Lab
  PHYS 20484 Physics II with lab
  PSYC 10514 Principles of Behavior
  PSYC 10524 Principles of Behavior

  SCIE 10103 Life, Death and Sustainability

  SCIE 20103 Technology Entrepreneurship
  SCIE 20303 Whiskey: Science and History

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