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  ANTH 30823 Native American Religions & Ecology

  ARHI 10043 Introduction to Art History

  ASST 30013 Asian Culture & Society Through Film
  CHIN 30113 Civilization and Culture

  ENGL 20223 Gender, Culture, and Representations
  ENGL 20303 Writing Games
  ENGL 20543 American Short Story (was 30543)

  ENGL 20563 Introduction to Latina/o Literature

  ENGL 20623 Women in Literature and Culture
  ENGL 30133 American Literature to 1900

  ENGL 30143 American Literature after 1900
  ENGL 30533 Modern American Jewish Literature

  ENGL 30543 American Short Story (now 20543)
  ENGL 30783 Modern India: Literature and Culture

  ENGL 40563 U.S. Women’s Writing II

  FTDM 10013 Introduction to Television History and Studies

                   for Non-Majors (was RTVF)

  GRMN 30073 Contemporary German Culture
  HIST 10923 Latin American History: Colonial Period

  HIST 10713 Multicultural America: A Historical Survey

  HIST 10943 Asian Civilization to 1500
  HIST 10953 Asian Civilization since 1500
  HIST 20923 Honors Latin American Civilization to 1830

  HIST 20943 Honors History of Asian Civilization to 1500
  HIST 20953 Honors History of Asian Civilization since 1500
  HIST 30383 Experiences and Encounters:Paris & Madrid, 1880-1940

  HIST 30613 History of Working People in America

  HNRS 20113 College Life and Identity

  HNRS 20213 Language, Communication and Cultural Identity

  HNRS 20813 Philosophy and Science of Social Justice
  ITAL 30093 Società Italiana: The Mosaic of Contemporary Italy
  JOUR 10103 Media Literacy

  LTNO 20003 Introduction to Latino/a Studies
  MOLA 30023 Introduction to Linguistics

  POSC 20203 Introduction to Political Theory
  POSC 32003 Topics in Political Theory
  POSC 32013 Western Political Thought
  POSC 32023 Distributive Justice
  POSC 32033 Applied Ethics

  RELI 20573 Defining the Nation: China and India in Crisis

  RELI 30463 Being Latina/o & Religious in the United States

  RELI 30513 Hindu Religious Perspectives

  RELI 30753 The Many Faces of Krishna

  RELI 30843 Latina Feminist Religious Thought


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