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  ANTH 30433 Mexican-American Folklore: Traditions of La Raza
  ANTH 30743 Animals, Religion and Culture
  ANTH 30783 Anthropological Approaches to Nature and the Sacred
  ANTH 30823 Native American Religions & Ecology
  ARHI 10043 Introduction to Art History

  ASST 30013 Asian Culture & Society Through Film

  CHIN 10033 Business Chinese
  CHIN 30073 Chinese Culture in Film

  CHIN 30113 Chinese Civilization and Culture
  DANC 50303 Dance Theory
  EDEC 30073 Critical Literacy and Children’s Literature
  ENGL 10103 Introduction to Fiction
  ENGL 10113 Introduction to Poetry
  ENGL 10123 Introduction to Drama
  ENGL 10133 Introduction to Literature
ENGL 10303 Approaches to Film
  ENGL 10503 Introduction to Nonfiction Genres
  ENGL 20103 Reading as a Writer
  ENGL 20203 Girls’ Studies
  ENGL 20213 Global Women’s Literature
  ENGL 20223 Gender, Culture, and Representations
  ENGL 20303 Writing Games
  ENGL 20313 Power & Protest

  ENGL 20333 Language, Technology, & Society
  ENGL 20403 Major British Writers
  ENGL 20423 Introduction to Medieval Literature
  ENGL 20433 Introduction to Shakespeare
  ENGL 20503 Major American Writers
  ENGL 20523 Sports in Modern American Literature

  ENGL 20533 The American Dream 
  ENGL 20543 The American Short Story (was 30543)

  ENGL 20553 Intro to American Studies
  ENGL 20563 Introduction to Latina/o Literature
  ENGL 20573 Introduction to Native American Literatures
  ENGL 20583 The Western

  ENGL 20593 Intro to Literature of the Global African Diaspora
  ENGL 20603 Western World Literature I
  ENGL 20613 Western World Literature II
  ENGL 20623 Women in Literature and Culture
  ENGL 20633 Mythology
  ENGL 20643 Fable and Fantasy
  ENGL 20653 The Romantic Imagination
  ENGL 20703 Intro to Law and Literature

  ENGL 20713 Literature and Medicine
ENGL 20733 Science Fiction
  ENGL 20743 Detective Fiction
  ENGL 20913 Literature & Civilization I
  ENGL 20923 Literature & Civilization II
  ENGL 20933 Non-Western Literature
  ENGL 30503 The Roaring Twenties
  ENGL 30113 British Literature to 1800
  ENGL 30123 British Literature since 1800
  ENGL 30133 American Literature to 1900
  ENGL 30143 American Literature since 1900
  ENGL 30413 Studies in Medieval Literature and Culture
  ENGL 30423 Early British Drama
  ENGL 30443 20th Century Irish Literature
  ENGL 30463 British Literature: The Bloomsbury Group
  ENGL 30503 The Roaring Twenties

  ENGL 30533 Modern American Jewish Literature
  ENGL 30563 American Drama
ENGL 30633 Medieval & Early Modern Women Writers
  ENGL 30673 King Arthur in Literature and Legend
  ENGL 30723 Short Story
  ENGL 30733 Satire
  ENGL 30773 India: Texts and Traditions
  ENGL 30783 Modern India: Literature and Culture

  ENGL 30823 Topics in Law and Literature

  ENGL 30843 Australian Literature
  ENGL 30853 Asian American Literature
  ENGL 30863 Literature of the Middle East and North Africa
  ENGL 40433 19th-century Literature
  ENGL 40453 British Novel to 1832
  ENGL 40463 British Novel since 1832
  ENGL 40553 Studies in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

  ENGL 40563 U.S. Women’s Writing
  ENGL 40593 William Faulkner LT, CA, WEM
  ENGL 40613 King Arthur in Modern Literature
  ENGL 40633 Love, Sex, and Power in Renaissance England

  ENGL 40643 British Romanticism
  ENGL 40663 Modern Fiction

  ENGL 40733 Children’s Literature
  FREN 30163 French Culture and Civilization II

  FREN 40073 Survey of French Literature I
  FREN 40083 Survey of French Literature II
  FREN 40123 Seminar in French Studies
  FTDM 10013 Introduction to Television History and Studies

                    for Non-Majors (was RTVF)

  FTDM 30433 American Cinema (was RTVF)

  FTDM 30453 Crime Films and Society
  GRMN 20123 Topics in German Culture
  GRMN 20133 Berlin: A City in Film
  GRMN 20973 Honors: The Afterlife of the Classical Greek Tradition
  GRMN 20983 The Afterlife of the Classical Roman Tradition

  GRMN 30013 German Literature in Translation
  GRMN 30073 Contemporary German Culture

  GRMN 40023 German Culture and Civilization

  HHIT 20123 Honors Intellectual Traditions II: Order
  HITP 10013 Honors Intellectual Traditions I: Purpose
  HIST 10203 Origins of Western Civilization: Europe to 1348
  HIST 10213 The World Expanded: Europe 1348-1789
  HIST 10223 Modernization and its Discontents: Europe 1789 to the


  HIST 10713 Multicultural America: A Historical Survey

  HIST 10803 Introduction to the Islamic Civilization:
                    Religious, Cultural, and Historical Foundations
  HIST 10813 Introduction to the Modern Middle East:
                    Adjustment and Radicalization
  HIST 10923 Latin American History, Colonial Period

  HIST 10933 Latin American History: National Period
  HIST 10943 Asian Civilization to 1500
  HIST 10953 Asian Civilization since 1500
  HIST 20203 Origins of Western Civilization: Europe to 1348: Honors
  HIST 20213 The World Expanded: Europe 1348-1789: Honors
  HIST 20223 Modernization and its Discontents:  Europe 1789 to the

   Present: Honors

  HIST 20923 Latin American Civilization to 1830 HON

  HIST 20933 Latin American Civilization Since 1830 HON
  HIST 20943 Honors History of Asian Civilization to 1500
  HIST 20953 Honors History of Asian Civilization since 1500
  HIST 30133 The Middle Ages

  HIST 30383 Experiences and Encounters: Paris & Madrid, 1880-1940
  HIST 30613 History of Working People in America

  HIST 40613 Revolutionary America, 1763-1789
  HIST 40733 The American West to 1900
  HIST 40813 American West since 1900

  HIST 40853 American Environmental History
  HIST 40863 American Sport History

  HNRS 20113 College Life and Identity

  HNRS 20213 Language, Communication and Cultural Identity

  HNRS 20223 Gender and Cultural Identity
  HNRS 20243 Culture, Literature, and Adaptations

  HNRS 20503 Exploring Cultural Contact Zones

  HNRS 20913 US Cultural Memory I

  HNRS 20923 Cultural Memory in the United States II

  ITAL 20123 Italian Culture from Unification to the Present

  ITAL 30073 Italian Theater
  ITAL 30123 19th Century Italian Literature
  ITAL 30153 Dante’s Inferno

  ITAL 30623 Topics in Italian Cinema
  ITAL 40103 Boccaccio’s Decameron

  ITAL 40623 Gender in Italian Cinema

  JOUR 10103 Media Literacy
  LTNO 20003 Introduction to Latina/o Studies
  MOLA 30023 Introduction to Linguistics

  MUSI 30623 History of Music: Romantic & Twentieth Century

  PHIL 10003 Philosophy One: The Meaning of Life
  PHIL 10103 Mind, Meaning and Morality
  PHIL 10113 Mind, Meaning and Morality II
  PHIL 10433 Freshman Seminar in Philosophy

  PHIL 20103 Critical Reasoning
  PHIL 20313 Death

  PHIL 20333 Environmental Philosophy

  PHIL 20343 Mind, Thought, Consciousness (HUM) 9/23/16

  PHIL 20353 Philosophy of Music

  PHIL 30353 Political Philosophy

  PHIL 30393 Philosophy of Mind
  PHIL 30413 Introduction to Philosophy of Law
  PHIL 30423 Introduction to Epistemology
  PHIL 30433 Introduction to Philosophy of Science

  PHIL 30443 Free Will and Moral Responsibility

  PHIL 40353 Seminar in Political Philosophy
  POSC 20203 Introduction to Political Theory
  POSC 32003 Topics in Political Theory
  POSC 32013 Western Political Thought
  POSC 32023 Distributive Justice
  POSC 32033 Applied Ethics

  POSC 32043 Justice

  RELI 10023 Understanding Religion: Communities
  RELI 10033 Understanding Religion: Texts & Ideas
  RELI 10043 Understanding Religion: Society & Culture
  RELI 20443 Faith and Ethical Leadership

  RELI 20503 Africa and the African Diaspora: History, Religion

                   and Culture
  RELI 20513 Africa and the African Diaspora: Religion and Culture
  RELI 20573 Defining the Nation: China and India in Crisis

  RELI 30113 Jesus and the Gospels
  RELI 30133 Religion and Search for Meaning in the Old Testament
  RELI 30303 Christian Ethics
  RELI 30463 Being Latina/o & Religious in the United States

  RELI 30513 Hindu Religious Perspectives
  RELI 30523 East Asian Religious Perspectives
  RELI 30533 Buddhism: Thought & Practice
  RELI 30543 Islam
  RELI 30563 Judaism
  RELI 30573 Daoism & Chinese Religions
  RELI 30723 Religion and Science
  RELI 30733 Mysticism
  RELI 30753 The Many Faces of Krishna
  RELI 30843 Latina Feminist Religious Thought

  RELI 30853 Women in American Religion

  PHIL 20353 Philosophy of Music (HUM) 3/07/17
  RELI 40130 Issues in Biblical Interpretation
  RELI 40213 Religion, Art & Postmodernism
  SOCI 30833 Sociological Theory

  WRIT 30293 Non-Human Rhetoric and Representation




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